What are the departure times?

Departures are made approximately every half hour from 9:00am to 6:00pm

What are the departure times for organized groups?

Departure and transfer times from one island to another are agreed from time to time according to the needs of each group.

Where do we embark?

The boarding point is located in Piazzale Lido di Stresa, but for organized groups departures can be made from the docks of the hotels or from neighboring towns.

How long are the excursions to the Borromean Islands last?

Transfers between the islands are approximately every half hour, so the stopping times on the islands are to the liking of each individual tourist. Normally the visit of the three islands, visiting the Museums and Gardens of Isola Bella and Isola Madre, and the small village of Isola dei Pescatori lasts about 4/5 hours.

How much do tickets for the Museums and Gardens cost?

View the opening hours and prices for visiting the Museums and Gardens Visit website

Where can I buy tickets for the excursion to the Borromean Islands?

Tickets for transport to the Borromean Islands can be purchased directly at our ticket office in Piazzale Lido in Stresa, or online at the following link Book online

Reservations are required?

No, if you are an individual tourist.
Yes, if you are an organized group.

Can dogs be boarded?

Dogs or other pets can be embarked and disembarked on the islands, but they are not allowed in any way in the Museums and Gardens.